Interview With Loretta from BETWEEN THE PAGES!

I chose to interview Loretta for several reasons.  Firstly, she is the reason I started blogging.  Her blog is the first one I started reading, and it inspired me.  Secondly, upon embarking on my blogging journey, Loretta has been EXTREMELY supportive.  She is a wonderful person and I am very fortunate that I have had her to not only guide me but become a friend as well!  I hope everyone can find someone so easy to connect with, and that is so patient and helpful! 

Loretta owns Between the Pages and can be find on Twitter as well.  She also has a YouTube channel!

Loretta, what made you start your book blog?

 Reading has always been something that I have loved. I have never heard of “book blogging” until a couple years ago. My (in real life) friend, Angela @ Reading Angel had some a read-a-thon going on. She told me about it, and this is when I was introduced to a whole new world of book lovers!! I was hooked. I looked and found new blogs every day for a while. Found and read books I had never heard of. It was then about 6 months later that I became a book blogger myself!!

What made you make the jump into not only blogging, but making YouTube videos as well?

 Youtube was something that came a long time after I started the blog. I posted pictures before. Then I saw how a couple people were videoing them. I loved that idea. So, I wanted to do it too! Now I have a very successful youtube channel, and I am also a member of TotallyBooksessed which is a separate youtube channel where we talk all things books. I am Tuesday!

What is your FAVORITE genre of books?

It is always hard for me to pick ONE genre. Because there are SO MANY that I love.

If I had to choose one it would have to be YA. ALL that is included in YA!!

Is there a type of book you dislike?

Oh yes. I do not like biographies, the ONLY ones I will read are about Marilyn Monroe!!

I do not like classics. BESIDES Jane Eyre.

War book, No thanks.

I gotta know, what’s your ALL-TIME favorite series?

ONE? Just ONE?

A Need So Beautiful & A Want So Wicked by Suzanne Young.

These two books stand out to me so much. Anything that Suzanne writes is amazing. The characters, the plot, just everything about these two books are amazing. Bottom Line.

Pssst. The Paranormals by J.L. Bryan too 😉

Cliffhangers. Love ’em or hate ’em? (& why!)? & What sequel are you most excited for?

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with them suckers. Lauren Oliver is GOOOOOOD for them! Oh my!! Delirium, Pandemonium & Hanaeach had a cliff hanger that had me picking my mouth up off the floor. So I am soooo ready for Requiem (Delirium #3)!!

I am excited to read, Insurgent. Even though something happened to take away from it for me… BUT I am still very much excited to read that one!

Between The Pages is such a cute name! How’d you come up with it?

I sat and looked through The Blogger Directoryforever to make sure that I did not take any ones blog name. That was important to me. I could not figure it out. Then one day I was trying to read and hubby was annoying me. I told him I was going to throw my bookmark at him, and he said “No you better just stick it between them pages” When I jumped up, he thought I was Coo-cooo because I shouted BETWEEN THE PAGES!!

So Between The Pages started out of hostility towards the husband! Hahah!

Do you have a favorite author?

A? Like as in one?

I cannot pick one. So how about the top 5?

Suzanne Young

J.L. Bryan

Matthew Merrick

Lauren Oliver

Rhiannon Frater

Ok… top 10?….ha!

I read ALLL THE TIME about how much you LOVE Jenny Pox! Can you tell me why this book (series) stands out so much to you?

Jenny Pox which is the 1st book in the series by J. L. Bryan touched my heart, ripped it out, then fixed it back all in one sitting. Jenny is such an amazing character, and everything that she has to go through and is PUT through all because she is different is heart breaking. But to see her grow, fall in love, which she never thought she would ever have that, and just become this person who yes has this problem, but no she knows there is a way around it, a way to live.

It was just something that moved me as a reader. The characters and everything are amazing. I wish there were more books in this series.

Also, these books are not YA. They are books with young adults in them… they are … grown up/epic!

You have so many things going on, how do you do all of it, with two kids!? (Btw, awesome that you can manage all of that!)

Coffee!! No, really.

Last year was worse. Because I was in school, and working. Then I was like there is NO WAY I can do this anymore. So I quit and focused on school. Now I can finally take this test, yippee, and I am ready to work again. I have no schedule or anything like that. They tend to get messed up. But I have a daily “this is what I have to do today” list that I go by, no matter what order it happens do I care as long as it gets done.

Kids come 1st though. Before reading, blogging, or studying. My time with them is something I take very seriously. =D

Anything you’d recommend other readers do? Whether it be join GoodReads or start blogging, any advice?

Yes! Definitely have GoodReads. Twitter. Join meme’s. Comment. Make your blog pretty. Eye appeal is everything.

Just be you. Be honest. & have fun!!!!!

Thank you for having me Cass. Happy Reading
I would like to thank Loretta for doing this interview!  Be sure to follow her on Twitter and read her blog!  And don’t forget about her YouTube channel!  (all links above!)

7 comments on “Interview With Loretta from BETWEEN THE PAGES!

  1. I love Loretta! I've followed her blog since she first started it because Angela was pushing all of us to go friend her and help her out in any way that we could.

    So glad you decided to join the blogging world and if you ever need any help you can always get in contact with me by email…apk1princess(at)live(dot)com 🙂

    Good Luck with your blog

  2. Ah I love Angela too she's been great as well! She's made me read some good books! Lol.

    Thank you for the kind words and offer to help. Im loving blogging so far! It's a wonderful community. 🙂

  3. She's amazing. I'm convinced I'd be lost without her, probably would have given up on blogging week two! Instead I added a YouTube channel, per her suggestion!

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