THURSDAY MEME! – Character of the Week

WELCOME to the NEW and Official Character of the Week Meme!

Here’s the badge we’ll be using! Please include it in your posts.

I posted this a WHILE back, and just realized how many views it got!
So, I’m posting the next few topics, and starting it a WEEK from TODAY. That way everyone has time to put their post up!
To start it off, we are doing Favorite FEMALE Character from a Series! (6/28)


  • 6/28-  Favorite Female from a Series
  • 7/5- Favorite Male in a Series
  • 7/12- Favorite Female in a Paranormal
  • 7/19- Favorite Male in ANY novel
  • 7/26- Favorite Female in ANY Novel

Topics subject to change, any input – put it in the comments! Dont forget to comment on other people’s blogs and share the love!

You can Link your Favorite Female Character from a Series
in the linky below!  Don’t forget to link Books With Cass so other people know where to go to participate!

I’m super excited and hope you guys are too!

Comment if you intend on participating! Please help get this out there!


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