CHARACTER OF THE WEEK- Fav. Female in a Series

WELCOME!!! Its the FIRST OFFICIAL Character of the Week Thursday!  This week is favorite female in a series.  Please link back to my blog when posting this meme, and use the above image 😀 Just save it and insert it in your blog, its the correct size.
FAVORITE FEMALE IN A SERIES- Mara Dyer from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Ohhh Mara.  How I love you!  I think this is one awesome chick.  Mara doesn’t understand what it is that is going on with herself, nor her hallucinations.  She is going through a lot with herself, and also coping with the death of her friends.  However, through all of it, she meets… NOAH SHAW.  (ahhh, dreammmyy!)  And the two become a great duo/couple/pair.  I think that within Noah, Mara finds what it is she needs to complete herself, and help understand herself more.  Basically, I think Mara Dyer is one awesome character!
Who do YOU love from a series?
Put your character of the week in the linky below!

2 comments on “CHARACTER OF THE WEEK- Fav. Female in a Series

  1. I still haven't read these books! I need too. One of my fave female characters from a series is Cammie from The Gallagher Girls series. She is just smart and fun and normal…for a spy girl!

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