A Bit About the Hosts

The Fall Into Autumn Reading Challenge Presents to you…
A bit about our hosts: 

Cass- I’m Cassie and I’m 27 and the head of this here event! I read some adult fiction, mostly mystery and suspense and tons of YA! I’m well aware that I fear sci-fi and fantasy, so I’m attempting to change that this fall!  I’m twitter obsessed and a blog-a-holic.  I read book blogs all day! Its crazy!  I hope we can all accomplish our goals during this challenge! You can find me here, on Goodreads and Twitter.

Danie– I’m Danie and I blog at Booktacular. I read mostly YA and mystery/suspense/thriller novels, and not very many romance (whether it’s PNR, historical, etc). I think I’m going to try to change that for the challenge. I can be found on twitter usually ALL. THE. TIME. – even if I’m not tweeting, I’m reading what other people are writing about! My handle on there is @booktacular. You can also contact me on Goodreads or by email.

Alexa- I’m the head figure of the blog Pages of Forbidden Love, the one who originally started it all. I’m a 22 year old college student majoring in Nuclear Medicine. My first love is YA and my second will always be Adult Romance. Ever since starting the blog I have expanded to try manga, urban fantasy, sci-fi and even some audio books. I love the blogging community because I get to talk about my favorite hobby with people who feel the same way. You can find her on twitter as pageoflovealexa.

Loretta- Hi I’m Loretta. I’m 26, and reading is my thing! I am Zombie Crazy! I love coffee & shoes! I am a Mom of 2. Wife of 1, who dreams of Harlin on a regular! I also am the owner of Between the Pages and can be found on Twitter Facebook , and Goodreads . 

Soon we will be telling you all some books we plan on reading for the challenge.  In the meantime, compile some books you would like to read for the Fall Into Autumn Reading Challenge!  And make sure to join in the fun and sign up here!


2 comments on “A Bit About the Hosts

  1. Thank you! And I love Book Soulmates! I was so excited to be featured there yesterday! It made my week!

    I hope you choose to join us on the Fall challenge!! We (some of us involved) are also contemplating a Winter or December Fairytale RE-telling challenge!

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