Cassie’s Thursday Thought (2): The Book Community!

Welcome to Week #2 of My Own Brand of Mind Ramblings and Discussion Topics 😉
Feel free to chime in, the purpose of these is to have discussions! 
WEEK #2: The Book/Book Blogging Community

I’m gonna start this off with my brief experience of entering the book blogging community.  In case you don’t know my story it went a little something like this.  

  • Discovered BookTubers (January [ish])
  • Subscribed to some of their blogs! (February)
  • Became OCD about reading book blogs (immediately!)
  • Contemplated joining the community (February)
  • Got scared.
  • Sucked it up.  JOINED. (May)So basically, for a few months, I was a scaredy-cat and refused to become apart of this community.  

But why?  Why would anyone hesitate you ask?  Fear.  
I can’t lie.  I was petrified.  Petrified no one would like me, or I would have no idea what I was doing, or even that my blog would just be ugly.  Maybe I couldn’t write a review for shit.  Who knows! So MANY things could just not work out in my favor. 
Let’s talk about the reality…
My first blog design DID suck.  Okay, maybe not suck.  But I totally did that whole white font/dark background thing that’s frowned upon.  Thankfully, Loretta (Between the Pages) helped me.  She fixed it and created my new header and much of what you see.  Since that, I have gotten so much help and learned even a bit of CSS myself.  ;). 
The Social Networking
Twitter.  Amazingness.  Like for real.  Everyone was so embracing.  Being new in the book blogging community is totally NOT like being in a new school or going somewhere strange where you know no one for the first time.  Its warming and inviting. Oh, and Goodreads? Pure bliss.  Love that site like its my own child.  If you’re in this community without it, get it.  NOW.
Immediately, people offer to help you.  Not only that, but people like Angela (Reading Angel) offer up book suggestions like nobody’s business.  She’s my own personal book pusher!  But I mean, she’s always right, so what can I do! It’s awesome to feel like someone cares if you read something cuz they JUST want you to enjoy it.  
Drama: Get Real, Its NOT just here, its EVERYWHERE.
This community, is not scary.  While YES, and I’ll mention it, fine.  It has drama.  So does everything!  Especially in a community filled with mostly girls (minus a few such as Justin and Tiernan). There is going to be drama every now and then.  It happens.  But CLEARLY everyone here loves what they do!  I mean we’ve got people who have been doing this for years.  
The Hopes
I sincerely hope everyone had as wonderful of an experience as I did.  I was lucky enough to get a few “native bloggers” who were willing to help me from day one.  Honestly, without them, I do not know where I would be.  I couldn’t do this all by myself.  But that is the THING, here.  You do not have to.  Any one who came to me for help, I would love to help them.  And why?  To show the same kindness that was offered to me.  I think this book blogging community deserves a wonderful reputation.  Everyone works so hard!  This may be for fun, but it is work!  People need to recognize that!  Posts don’t just come to us at the drop of a dime.  WE have to design them and write them and publicize them.  None of it is easy.  But, if you’ve been here a while you know… its worth it.  

So do me a favor and sound off below.  I really do want to know what you think.  How did your experience go when you came here?  How is it now? Are you just a reader on the brink of making a book blog?  Reach out to someone! We’re here to help.  And might I say, on the whole- we’re pretty damn awesome.  😉


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