Cass’s Thursday Thought (3): If You Had To Pick ONE Genre to read for 15 years..

Welcome welcome!  This week’s Thursday Thought is one I HOPE to provoke lots of responses and discussion!  The topic is…
   If you could only read ONE genre for the next FIFTEEN years, 
What would you pick!? And why??

I would pick…
So, my first instinct was contemporary, duh!  There’s variety in contemporary, it will take longer to get bored, and plus I get LOADED up with swoon-worthy guys! (Uh, Adam [Where She Went], St. Clare [Anna & the French Kiss], Travis [Something Like Normal], Noah [Pushing the Limits]) –to name a few!

But then… I was already missing my dystopians!  What would I do without books like Shatter Me, The Hunger Games, Delirium, Divergent, etcetera.  I mean come on!  They have some of the most interesting world’s I have ever encountered and I just don’t know if I could not read about them for the next FIFTEEN years!  That’s sheer craziness!

However, to conclude.. I had to go with contemporary.  I love my contemporary!  It breaks my heart and then puts it back together all over again, time after time.  And a lot of the reason I read is to feel something while I am enveloped in a book. (This is not to say dystopian hasn’t made me feel any heartwarming or heartbreak before, because it sure as hell has, just not to the same extent!) And thereforeee, while it would hurt me to let go of my dystopians [tear ;-( ] I think I would have to choose:

(& I would LOAD UP on dystopian when 
my fifteen years was up :-] )

But I must know!  What would you guys pick?

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