Top Ten Tuesday (Its been a while!)

We all know the FABULOUS Broke and the Bookish hosts 

Top Ten Tuesday, 
be sure to join in, it is TONS of fun!
This weeks topic: What fictional couples do you think would make it in the real world?

  • Jase and Samantha – My Life Next Door: I mean come on, they honestly compliment each other so well, and she can be herself around him and not worry as she always does! 
  • Noah and Echo– Pushing the Limits: If you read my review, you know I feel these two are more of a meant to be couple than any I have ever read about.  
  • Ezra and Aria- Pretty Little Liars:  Okay, mayyybee I’m being crazy, but I figure if they’ve overcome everything they have already, they have a fighting chance! 
  • Noah and Mara- The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer:  They are just freakin’ awesome.  Him with his subtle ways and her with her… tendencies.  They mesh well, and I love every moment of it!
  • Adam and Juliette- Shatter Me:  I don’t care. Those can say what they want.  Adam is perfect for Juliette because they can fight anyone together.  Not apart.  Together.
  • Adam and Mia– If I Stay/Where She Went: Clearly I’ve got double Noah’s and Adam’s here! BUT I just ADOREEE Adam and Mia.  They are so much in pain, but the pain seems to come from longing for each other.  It’s so cute.  I love them. All relationships should be like theirs.  Filled with love and trust.
  • Alex and Lena- Delirium Series:  This will break my heart if it doesn’t happen.  That will be all.
  • Four and Tris– Divergent Series:  Talk about a kick-ass couple!  Like DAMN.  These two will take the world (or at least Chicago!) by storm.  I’m convinced.
There’s so many more!  But I don’t have the time to list EVERY couple I feel would make it.  😉
Stay tuned tomorrow!  Interview with HUNTLEY FITZPATRICK as well as Cover Lovin‘ Post!


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