Fall Into Autumn: Day 1: BLOGGER INTERVIEW! Me My Shelf & I

Welcome to the Fall Into Autumn Reading Challenge!  To celebrate day one, I have with me here today, the FABULOUSLY FABULOUS Amber from Me, My Shelf and I!

Amber, the FIRST thing I notice about your blog is the AWESOME design!  How did you get so good at designing? 
Wow, thank you so much! To be honest it was a lot of trial and error. I have been doing design on some level for almost 9 years now. 
How did you find your co-bloggers for MMSAI? Did you guys instantly connect? (There’s QUITE a few of you!)
I’m afraid this isn’t the most interesting of answers, I simply put out a tweet asking if anyone wanted to work on MMSAI. There was a application they had to fill out, and my co-owner Rosmelie and I went over them and made our choices. We tend to agree on most things, so picking our new additions wasn’t too hard for us. 
If you had to choose one TYPE of book to read for the rest of your life, what would it be?
This is the meanest question I have ever been asked! LOL. I assume by type, you mean genre …so I would have to go with Contemporary or possibly Horror. I find I tired of Paranormal if I read too much it all together so I think I would be safe with one of those options. 
Are there any books you like to read, and do read, but don’t blog much about?
You know, I haven’t read anything that couldn’t be reviewed on the blog in forever. I don’t have a lot of extra time and so when I do read, I read from my blog TBR. It’s ok though, I chose YA for the blog because I enjoy it so it’s not as if I’m being tortured or something! LOL. Books I do enjoy but wouldn’t review on the blog would be,  True Crime. My favorite is a book called A Rip In Heaven, though the author escapes me at the moment. 
Favorite authors.. I’ll give you FIVE.  Go!
I…tried….I…can’t. I just don’t have any favorites. That sounds so terrible, don’t it? I love them all equally. It’s like asking me to pick a favorite child!!!
For the challenge we have going on now (Fall Into Autumn), we are TRYING to read outside our norm.. what would YOU try to read if you were participating?
I suppose I would try Steampunk or Mermaids then, since I really don’t like them much and I wouldn’t read them normally.
What is your favorite time/way to read? (Time of day/outside/inside/with the fam, alone,etc)
Anytime I can squeeze it in. With the family, all the activities, the blog….I would give anything for just an hour once in a while. This reminds me, I am so behind on my reading!!
Do you see yourself blogging for a long time to come?
I’ve tried to leave and can’t. I really want to write but the blog takes up so much of my time it’s nearly impossible. I think I will be apart of MMSAI for a long time,though maybe I won’t be running it someday. 
What do you like to do OUTSIDE of blogging/reading?
Write. Waste time on Pinterest and Tumblr. Hang out with my family, watch Dr. Who and kick my husbands butt in Phase 10.
Favorite book of 2011, and of 2012 thus far.  What are they?
2011 – FORBIDDEN by Tabitha Suzuma
2012 – VELVETEEN by Daniel Marks or DARK INSIDE by Jeyn Roberts

AMBER!  Thank you so much for being here at Books With Cass.  I personally adore your blog, and am sure many more out there do as well!  I wish you continued success 🙂 Thank you again.
Thank you for having me!!! It’s always great fun to be on the other side of the questions from time to time!

Connect with Amber: Blog | Twitter

P.S.- If for SOME CRAZY REASON, you haven’t signed up for the Fall Into Autumn Reading Challenge, you should do so!  HERE! Join Loretta, Alexa, Danie and Myself for epic giveaways, challenges, updates, interviews, and reviews!  I mean, what do you have to lose?


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