Thursday Thought: Waiting for Sequels..

This weeks thought is on sequels, and waiting for them.  And the dread that comes along with it!

As book lovers, we all know how often we find ourselves thinking of our favorite reads.  But how often are you wishing the sequel to your favorite series was already released? I mean really!  Its ridiculous how much time I waste wishing it was October 23rd, or February 5th! (Evolution of Mara Dyer, Unravel Me).

But, I mean.. us thinking about sequels helps support our authors that we love oh so much!  Pre-ordering is one of my personal favorite things to do.  Does anyone else love to pre-order?  It makes my day when my book is already waiting for me to open it on release day!

Or.. are you more of a standalone person?  That way, you know.  No waiting, no fuss.  You get your ending in one book, and you can just relive your character love over and over in your head, or by re-reading the books you enjoy.  Is there anyone out there who refuses to read a series? Let me know. Honestly, I think I’m lucky that I read some series after ALL the books were out, such as The Hunger Games.  I couldn’t imagine that wait!  It must have been awful!

And while we are on the topic!  SECOND BOOK SYNDROME.  We’ve all heard of it.  What are the books you think suffered the most from SBS?  I only can think of one, but there’s a bunch of sequels I will be reading shortly, and lets hope they all rise above the syndrome.  

What I’m Excited For:

What are you excited for? Let me know in the comments below!  And how do YOU deal with waiting for sequels?

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