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Ahhh, this week I am lovin some covers! (As usual!) Wanna participate!? Leave your link in the comments!
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I read and loved this book.  Seriously, if you haven’t read it, it is AMAZING.  I have the sequel (however, I don’t like the cover as much)
This cover is so representative of the story, which is SO unique in so many ways.  
Yes please!  That will be all.  This is ALREADY released on Amazon, and is coming for the Kobo and Nook sometime in the next few days! I just adore the Hopeless fading throughout the cover.  Plus the girl on the cover is super pretty.  (Jealous!)
The “eh” cover of the week?  
Yeah, I know.  Lots of people like this one.  And I have heard GREAT things about the book, but I just don’t like that the huge pink font takes away from the rest of the cover!  (Maybe its my aversion to pink..hmmm..)  Regardless, This one IS on my TBR and has great reviews!  
So as always, we should have learned!  Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Cover Lovin! (5)

So; Cover Lovin went on hiatus.. kinda like a May Sweeps kinda thing, but in the fall.  But we’re back!  For a nice THANKSGIVING edition of Cover Lovin! And my my my, do we have some beauties here!
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First up, we have the FABULOUSLY fabulous …

Point of Retreat : Colleen Hoover
This book was seriously amazing.  The first in the series, Slammed is definitely a MUST read.  And this one, while the cover looks simple, it  has much significance!  So.. give it a shot!

Just One Day: Gayle Forman
Ah, Gayle Forman!  You slay me.  This is just perfect.  Its so mysteriously gorgeous and leaves you wanting to know every emotion going on through this lovely girl’s head!  I can’t WAIT for this to come out in JANUARY! Ever since I finished Where She Went months and months ago, I’ve been missing Adam and Mia! And now I get a whole new story with all new romance!

I’m NOT Digging…

The End of Your Life Book Club: Will Schalbe

Can we say, boring?  I mean, what the heck is this!? However, this book is on many lists for best of the year! I will definitely be reading it. However, it just goes to show.. covers aren’t everything!

That’s it for this week!  What do you think of these covers? Have you read any of these books? Let me know in the comments!

Cover Lovin’ (3)

New week, new covers. Join in the fun! This week we’re featuring some lesser known titles.

Why are these not so common?  Hmm.  Two are unreleased.  And one is a newly released adult novel.  But I MUST get my hands on it.  That title is Triburbia by Karl Taro Greenfeld.
Here’s all the Goodreads links. 
The NOT so lucky cover…

Tell the Wolves I’m Home [Carol Rifka Brunt]
This book was just one of those.. gets to you, stays with you kinda books.  If you haven’t picked it up.. do it.  I promise it is worth your time.

That’s it for this week!  Tell me what you think of this week’s covers, and if you want to link your Cover Lovin’ Post, feel free!  

Cover Lovin’ (2)

Welcome to ANOTHER week of Cover Lovin! This week we have a video as well as a post!  Feel free to join in the fun!  Just use the image above and follow the (minimum) of two covers you like and ALSO include one you don’t!  Have fun!


The Ones I Love:
Alma Katsu- The Reckoning
Andrew Fuduka- The Hunt
Not so Much…
Thoughts, opinions, what have you been lovin? 
Leave it in the comments below! Til Next Time..

Cover Lovin! (1)

Hello my loves!  This is going to be the FIRST edition of Cover Lovin!  This will be a weekly Wednesday feature where I show you some covers I’m absolutely in love with, and then I’m gonna ask you to tell me what you think about them!  Then, at the bottom of each Cover Lovin’ post, I’m going to put a case where cover love didn’t exist but the book was AWESOME!  Want to join in? Feel free! Just link me back and use the weekly image.
If you know me at all, you know what’s up first.

Unravel Me: Tahereh Mafi
I mean COME ON.  This is so intricate and beautiful.  
Plus, I have a thing for eyes to begin with!  Just give it to me!

Followed by, more amazingness provided by ..

Last Summer: Rebecca Rogers
This book was awesome.  And the cover is just perfect. The shadows the sunset the font even!  I just love it!  And if you read this book, which you better! You’ll see it is a perfect match for the book!

Where I was WRONG…

The Outsiders: S.E. Hinton

Probably (for the record) one of my favorite books EVER.  But this cover, I’m sorry, I get we got some guys on there, but this does not appeal to me at all!  I would have never picked it up had it not been forced on me back in eighth grade!

That is IT for this weeks edition of Cover Lovin!  Stay tuned next Wednesday for some more!